Zaragoza Places of Interest

Night Walk. Ebro River and Pilar Square

Zaragoza at night

In the evening, I took a tripod and went to familiar places to take night pictures and started the photo session at the Almozara bridge (read more)

Casa de Amparo

Casa de Amparo, Zaragoza

Near to Santo Domingo square, on Calle De Predicadores, is the building of a Benedictine monastery founded in the 14th century (read more)

Termas Romanas

Roman baths, Zaragoza

In 1983, during construction work, we discovered the substructure of the basin and other elements that belonged to public baths of the Roman era. The baths were located between the forum and the theater of the Roman city of Caesaraugusta, built, as archaeologists suggest, in the era of Caligula (read more)